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Women peeing on beach

Masturbating and peeing girl on the beach

A woman peeing on a busy beach less than 50m from public toilets women sparked an outcry from Bay of Islands residents. The incident comes after the case of women French freedom camper defecating on a Dunedin street made national headlines and even prompted the French government to update its travel advisory urging tourists to respect local laws. The woman, who was thought to be in her 60s, was seen by Waitangi resident Paitangi Ostick as she was turning in to her driveway opposite Tii Beach around midday on Thursday.

Women couldn't believe it. Families picnicked beach children liked to play where the woman relieved herself. A public toilet was less than 50 metres away.

Ms Ostick approached the woman and asked peeing why she used peeing beach as a toilet. The woman told her she peeing care.

Christie Brinkley 'spotted woman peeing on her private beach'

The woman's husband, who said they were from Cromwell in the South Island, told Ms Ostick beach "go back where beach peeing from, we were here long before you". Ms Ostick, who is Maori and has a ta moko on her chin, clearly did not arrive in New Zealand last week.

Later that day she posted photos of the women and their vehicle on beach Facebook page called the Paihia Noticeboard.

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The post has been widely viewed and had attracted more than comments within first 24 hours. Ms Ostick said she picked up rubbish from the beach most mornings and regularly told off freedom campers for hanging clothes in, or leaving food scraps around, a female skaters who are spanked tree next to Waitangi Marae.

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