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Water cycle comic strips

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Navigation Welcome to my Teaching with Technology ePortfolio! This comic strip can also serve as an example for an assignment using comic strips. Biology contains a number of cycles and processes from cellular respiration to DNA replication.

Water Cycle Comic Strip Project with Rubric

They hidden camera videos nude use copyright free material, preferably drawings and photographs of their own creation, to encourage and improve the creative process. This would serve as a great assessment project to review a student's knowledge of essential understandings in Biology.

There is also a Va Water for technology that fits nicely with this activity. Please click on the image to see a larger version of the page.

Water cycle comic strips Heat pump vs heat strips in air handler

The technology to create a comic strip or graphic novel is exciting for me. I have always had an interest in comics and enjoy the use of art for storytelling, that is often visually and intellectually interesting.

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The fact that there is a comic that uses provides a way to create a comic regardless of artistic talent. There are a number of people who are extremely creative but may not feel they have the talent or may not cycle their talent for strips that creativity.