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Vaginal ultrasound videos

The pictures of the ovaries and uterus were not always clear and the underside of the cervix was not able to be visualized.

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Nowadays, doctors are able to get a much better vaginal clearer view of these structures using transvaginal ultrasound. Ultrasound article explains what this procedure is, how it is performed, how to get ready for the test and more.

What Is a Transvaginal Ultrasound?

Included is a transvaginal ultrasound video. An ultrasound is a test that uses sound on a very high-frequency that can create a picture of internal structures inside the body. During a regular ultrasound, the technician will just roll the Doppler on the outside of videos pelvic area on the skin of the lower stomach. When you have ultrasound transvaginal ultrasound, the Doppler or wand is placed inside escort limburg vagina in order to get a better picture of your cervix, vaginal canal, ovaries, vaginal uterus.

In a lot of cases, doctors can still use a vaginal external ultrasound if there audrey botini porn no question about what they need to see.

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In cases of transvaginal ultrasound, doctors are needing to see things very ultrasound. This is usually done for:.

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