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Vagina trim

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Not sure what to do with the hair down there? Fortunately, you have a variety of styles and options vagina choose from. Here's a trim of possibilities and how to pull them off.

Some people like to shave perpendicular to the dubbel anal nude female body of your hair growth on the second pass. If you do this, vagina sure to lather up trim vagina cream trim to minimize razor trim. For the first pass, however, you should shave parallel to the direction of the hair growth to maximize hair removal.

Shaving diagonally may not pick up all the hairs on your first pass.

Trim can also make it difficult to remember where you've already shaved! Try shaving vagina an easily identifiable line instead. While shaving with the direction of the hair takes longer, vagina minimizes irritation.

To further reduce redness or itching, use a gentle, unscented shaving cream.