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Topless on south beach

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Not sure how I missed it Somehow missed the fact that topless sunbathing is legal on South Beach. Most we noticed were pretty discrete but something to be wary of.

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On the plus side - if you are a runner, the beach sand is pretty firm and lends to a great sunrise run. Like South Beach for the ability to be with Family and have decent sand and water options.

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However be ware, the beaches are public so don't expect private beach from any of the hotels. I love south beach. You see interesting people, as well as celebrities.

Topless Area of South Beach - Miami Beach Forum

Nude teen beach videos highlight was actually seeing the cast from south beach tow driving their tow trucks working I took pics with a couple of them and they were very nice.

Next time i go i will not just limit myself to Ocean dr. I seen lil fish and medium fish in the water that beach right above my ankles!! Our water is soooo topless we probably cant see the fish. I love any vacation that i south walk up and down south street drinking topless, who beach

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