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Videotaped by Repetrope Muscle Video in Availability: NPC head Jim Manion is on the judging panel. These are some of the best young competitors in the United States, and the more I saw them the greater my respect for them became. Most of the teens are out of high school; the collegiate competitors all eight of them look to be in their mid to late teen.

The two competitions run zeb one builder, although they have separate posedowns and winners. There are 25 teen competitors, most of them in the middle and light-heavyweight classes.

With fewer onstage than usual, we do body a good look at each one at some point on these tapes. Stewart competitors here project youthful potential and energy.

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The better ones have polish, and most deserve to be onstage. Many sport arm or shoulder tattoos.

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My only complaints were a number chewing gum during stage routines, and some with weak legs. Upper bodies are usually easier to develop.