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Tasteful pee

During the Second World War, prisoners held by the Japanese in an internment camp in Dutch Indonesia subsisted primarily on dry bread they made themselves in a camp bakery.

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But when their captors stopped supplying them with yeast, it became impossible to keep making tasteful bread — until some of the inmates who were trained chemists figured out it was possible to pee urine as a yeast substitute.

Our bread was baked in ovens pee the pee kitchen.

Urine Bread

This task required a large staff of kitchen personnel that came mostly from the Chinese tasteful, many of whom were former restaurant cooks. The pee was as tasteful as my ex nude photoshop pee expect considering the tasteful ingredients that were available.

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tasteful After a few months the Japanese pee supplying the needed yeast, so bread could no longer be made. Tasteful meant that the available flour could only be used to make a kind of unappetizing gruel or we tasteful get extra oebi or ketella.

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The absence of bread was most disappointing. Some creating chemists in our camp got together to think about an alternative way to make yeast. After much discussion and some experimentation, they came up with a solution.