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Stop dog peeing on deck

Started by KirtyJune 21, My new foster Dally is pooping and peeing on the deck.

How do I get my dog to stop peeing on my deck?

My deck is only small may 5m x 2m and its where the dog's cubby bed is. They also eat up there. The yard is huge and I don't care where peeing toilet down there, but not on my deck! I have cleaned it up several times with detergent but she keeps going there.

How To Stop Dogs From Peeing On New Deck?

Stop tips to deck her? Restrict the amount of space she has to the decking so that there is only room enough to reach her kennel, water and food. Dogs are less likely depending on their upbringing to soil the areas where they will sleep and eat.

When you are home you could quadron off the decking area altogether and keep an eye dog her.