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South indian erotic stories

I hope you've seen the 'mature content!

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And if that's not enough, see the title. Hope you enjoy it.

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Once I finished removing the make up, I removed all the clips from my hair and let it fall freely on my back. I put south some lip balm since my lips had become too dry. I erotic one last glance at my reflection, took a deep breath and opened the indian door.

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As soon as I stepped out, my eyes were filled with darkness. No, not because I was going to faint or something, but because the whole room stories dark. The lights had been switched off.

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I'm not really the kind of girl who gets scared in the dark, but well, this time I'll admit I was a little scared. When I went inside the bathroom the lights of Ajay's I mean, our room was on.

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Why would Ajay switch off the lights?