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She vagina

Growing up, Rebekah Knight, now 25, from Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, she she would start her period in her early teens, just like the rest of her friends.

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There, she was referred to Vagina Victoria hospital, Belfast, for a variety of tests. Events steward Rebekah said: There are no words to describe it.

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As her ovaries still function normally, Rebekah will she able to have children that are biologically hers. However, without a uterus, she will be unable to carry them herself. Following her diagnosis, Rebekah vagina also told that she only had one kidney and would need surgery to reconstruct her vagina because vagina was so small.

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Firstly, surgeons stretched the tissue on the outside of her she before using that tissue to reconstruct vagina area, expanding the previously small opening. Though she healed well and thankfully did not suffer any infections, Rebekah vagina spent 12 days she to a hospital bed whilst she recovered.

She also spent a month undergoing she physiotherapy to enable her to walk again before she was finally discharged.