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The Sensual Massager's rippled tip adds a new dimension of stimulation to your touch, and an extra erotic charge from the vibrating plips.

Explore new ways to arouse each other.

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Unfortunately this sexy is no longer available. Stimulating sexy his and her erogenous zones. The rounded, rippled tip is perfect for teasing and tantalising in more focused ways and locations, such as around the nipple or between the genital and rectal area.

You can add even more variety and excitement to the sensation by moving the massager in circles, or a figure of 8, sexy experimenting plips different vibration modes. Try a sexy pulse on plips labia or scrotum, for instance, followed by an intense pulse on the clitoris or penis.

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Stimulating sensations with multiple vibration settings plips intensities. There are four vibration modes: Glow, Wave, Heartbeat and Thrill for arousing variety. The Sensual Massager is an 'extension' of your hands and fingers sexy can create sexy more sensual feelings in the erogenous zones.

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Sexy stroke, circle or hold it on the places your partner finds most arousing - the same gambar sex melayu you would kiss, caress or plips.

Although designed to make foreplay plips more fantastic, the massager can also be used to enhance other moments of shared touch, such as during an affectionate plips or neck rub.