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Saints row 2 nude

Grundy The Man writes,"Saints Row 2 has yet to have been released, but already looks to be stirring up controversy.

how do you get naked in the game, Saints Row 2 Questions and answers for PlayStation 3

A gameplay video that leaked yesterday, shows a fully nude female, attempting to complete some kind of a streaking mission. Check out the clip for yourself, but be warned, it is NSFW I think it is an attempt to cash in on horny teenagers. It is really kinda sad.

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I don't know what that thing was running saints on screen. It may have been nude but it wasn't a woman. The least they could have done is get the running animation looking good.

how do you get naked in the game

The whole looks like she has something up her ss. Not to mention incredibly bow legged.

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Well pixel porn will sell to the row Not for the nudity but for the fun factor. I can't wait to streak and taze people. I'm not shocked or outraged, and it also wont be a reason for me to DO buy the game. Nude just nudity, in a product rated M.