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Ryan gosling nude

Ryan Gosling is getting nude once again in the upcoming dramedy Crazy, Stupid, Love.

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And you're not going to believe who gets a facefull of Gosling's junk It's lucky man Office star Steve Carell who's getting the full-frontal view of Mr. In the flick out July ryanCarell plays a father who gets cheated on by his wife Julianne Moore after 25 years of marriage.

Ryan Gosling Strips Down To His Underwear In Deleted Scene From 'Place Beyond The Pines' (VIDEO)

The Blue Valentine star plays a hotshot womanizer who steps in to help Carell get his mojo back after the marriage falls apart. Somewhere along the way, they're in a gym locker room—and that's where Gosling let's it all hang out.

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Meanwhile, Gosling falls for a "game-changer" Emma Stone who may have what it takes to break him of his man-whoring ways. Just one look at the trailer and nude think you'll agree, these two have some major on-screen chemistry. Rounding out the cast are Marisa Tomei and Kevin Bacon.

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All in all, the cast looks charming, Gosling has never looked thailand got talent ladyboy shirtless and for a movie about dysfunctional ryan, this one looks like crazy, stupid fun. Biggest Rap Feuds of