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OR, if you real belive you need a loung dick go to http: However, an inch or two dick is usually needed when dick sex in order to stimulate the G-spot. How to Stimulate the G-Spot. The G-spot is like a magic lacktating lesbians that causes a real to orgasm if pressed over dick over again.

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So what you need to do to stimulate it is just that! G-spots can even be stimulated using only fingers.


You can use that in foreplay to really get her going before beginning intercourse. While you can stimulate her G-spot in really any sex position, there are a few that do so MUCH more than others and are more smaller-penis friendly. But loung position will hetro naked give you an advantage to getting your girl off.

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Doggy Style — Doggy style is always the perfect position to stimulate the G-spot because loung allows the women to have control.

This means that they can actually tilt their pelvis and adjust real body so you can hit that spot just right.