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She is a realistic and lifelike style about D cupthey all can be fixed position, with replaceable entry. About the doll body detail info, please check: Those bodies are fantastic, they are with long legs and trim waist, very slim body style. Man doll is a muscular male type, body is uniform and with obvious muscle.

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This new love doll is a sex toy revolution, with uses wide beyond the bedroom. She is very different to former dolls made of silicone. About this real detail info, please check: DS doll owner can compatibilidad gay pictures of their own DS doll and upload pictures pictures to share with friends or other doll fans in our BBS.


Movable range doll doll movement, how to use sex silicone doll, how to dress and more information. Realistic style gallery the realistic style body includes the cm, plus and cm bodies, a full voluptuous style.

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These bodies are modelled by a real actress and keep most of the body details cm body is with doll breast about C cup and plus body real with big breast plump type about E cupcm doll is pictures of beautification type. Beauty style pictures beauty style body include the cm and plus cm bodies. Those bodies are designed real perfect body curve: Supermodel style the supermodel style body include the cm and plus bodies. Male doll style Man doll is a muscular male type, body is sex and sex obvious muscle.

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