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Pornography and pickup seduction community

He is by definition dangerous for your game.

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Boy who has no idea how the relationships between men and women work. A non-formal invitation that indicates and sign of interest or curiosity.

For example, in a nightclub, it is a girl who looks at you from afar sexy cgi tell you that she finds you attractive or that dances right bbw gal kountry to you with her friend for you to approach.

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This is a protective mechanism for the female ego that is pickup by a player error, he believed it was won and his excess of confidence triggered the mistrust of the player. Creating Attraction is attracting a woman.

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The regret of pornography buyer. This is when the girl regrets having slept with you or kissed you… Sometimes because of the guilt she feels for example if she feels easy girlsometimes because you have been bad in bed, etc.

Clarisse Thorn

The image comes from the marketing community like many other things in the community of seduction: There are different levels of BT.

Imagine the BT as a temperature displayed on a thermometer.

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A little higher still, she lets you kiss her, and so on. BT is a purely emotional phenomenon: It is the body language… ie the set of attitudes, postures and gestures of a person.