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His hair is in the spiked crop and his face bristly - yet something about him seems like a smooth pebble that's been washed clean.

The opposite to his life, which dinner been messy.

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He has just written Eric Clapton: The Autobiography, which is all about how his mother's absence led him to look for her in other women. The person he thought was his mother was in fact his grandmother.

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It nude the woman he patty as his sister who really gave birth to him. Did he want knights settle the urban myth about the guitar duel between himself and George Harrison for the heart of Pattie Boyd?

Eric Clapton on Pattie Boyd and the hunt for a lost mother's love

Or was it more of a need to explain? Clapton's life had been an addiction to women, drugs and alcohol - until the tragedy of his four-year-old son Conor falling out of the window of a skyscraper strangely stabilised his recovery. In the book, he is very hard on himself: I would prefer to think I took responsibility for myself.

It's not that the book is without emotion; just that it's as though he's living his life in the third person.