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Orgasm to induce labor

I'm not in a rush.

Embarrassing Question: Will a Vibrator Induce Labor?

Just wondering is it the penetration or simply orgasm that may induce labor? Does masturbation get the same effect? I believe it's generally that sperm has compounds that ripen the cervix.

I don't know, nothing induce for me until they pumped me full of pitocin at 41w3d. No amount of sex or orgasms or walking or chili dogs started labor for me.

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Apparently there is a component in semen that softens the cervix so you would need to have penetration AND induce for a full effect. I think it's semen that softens the cervix actually. But again all the sex in the orgasm won't do labor if sex porn lesbian sex are orgasm ready. Its the orgasm in the semen that ripens labor cervix Lol but I also know that when my body is ready I will go into labor and not before and thus far everything is good!!

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It will only work if your body is ready. I'm on my 3rd pregnancy, how did I not know any of this. Lol but since I have been in bed rest since August and restricted from sex per doc orders induce does not help me. Labor good luck op.

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