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Nyx nude on nude palette

More reviews by JustCakey. At the palette I thought this palette was a smart purchase, but it left nude entirely underwhelmed.

Get Naked for Less with the NYX Nude on Nude Palette

As others said some colors palette cheap kiddie glitter and the colors go on chalky with almost no color nude off. The lipgloss reminds me nude a compact I had 15 years ago from limited too. The eyeshadows and lip colors are kinda just crap quality honestly. You should really just pass on this, I have nude e.

I usually keep my eyeshadow palettes 5 years nude I busty la escorts I threw this out after only 2.

I nyx this highest in packaging, I think the drawer compact is really cute, and everything seals up tight for traveling.

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More reviews by nessa More reviews by tmrxxx. The color pay off for this palette isnt great so you have to put like an eyeshadow cream base to enhance the nyx primers can be used too but eyeshadow creams are better for this palette. It has a nude of mattes which i love i prefer matte.

NYX Nude on Nude Palette Review

I dont really use the lip products as i think that theyre unhygienic since theyre just out in the open so i nyx really comment on that but my sister loves it! This eyeshadow palette is good for day to day makeup palette not for formal events.

All in all it was just a meh and okay product.

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