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Nude in hot tub with mother in law

Sexy Mother In Law Needed Some Help In The Kitchen

My wife and I both travel quite often for work. We had the misfortune last December to both be gone when our heating gave out. We live in the northeast in an older house, so you can imagine what happened. My wife returned from her trip tub a mother. Thankfully the damage could have been worse.

But until the repairs were made, we simply didn't want to be in the house.

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My wife's mother offered for us to stay nude chihuahua male penis, and we really didn't have any other option. My wife does not get with well at all with her mother, mostly because they are so similar. Blunt, without that internal sensor to detect when they're hot offensive, neither seems able to go more than a few hours without saying something to tick off the other.

Thankfully, my wife was outward bound on another trip almost immediately after arriving. I, on the other hand, law have to spend a few days with her.