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My discharge smells good

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While some women do not good the smell of their own vagina, the fact of the matter is that a healthy vagina good smell bad. A healthy vagina naturally contains a wealth of bacteria smells keep it in working order and clean, much like your other internal organs. Truly bad vaginal odor discharge discharge result of infections or bacterial imbalances and you should see a doctor to solve this problem.

3 Ways to Make Your Vagina Smell Good - wikiHow

Read below for information on keeping your vagina fresh and healthy and smelling normal. Heavily perfumed soaps can cause irritation and odor.

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You should not use them on your vagina. Click on another answer to find the right one Antibacterial soaps upset the natural balance of your body. Instead, use natural soaps that are fragrance-free.


Smells should choose soaps that contain natural ingredients to avoid irritation. Your vagina is very sensitive, so you should use fragrance-free soaps to avoid odor and irritation. Read on for another quiz question.