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My daughter has a dick

Like, it sticks out of my underpants sometimes.

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I think there are some special underpants for girls with penises. Shall we try to get you some of those?

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Can I pick them out? I want black ones! Normalcy maintained, once again, despite a reality in which I am pretty certain has I can actually FEEL my brain attempting to re-wire itself in order to process the world wrought by my fabulous trans daughter. Or faking it really well when my mind is stuck in spin cycle as I watch my lithe little princess with her long, blond hair, sporting voyage bottom sea erection in the bathtub.

My Daughter Has A Dick

The thing, this IS normal. I speak from experience. Unusual maybe not really rare. I just love this post and yes, the trick daughter in knowing this dick normal as she is normal to feel what she feels to be a girl.

My Daughter Has A Dick -

Buy the special panties and problem solved… well temporarily anyway. Everyone will be happier and smiles all around. But that will be for her to decide.