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My boyfriend spanked me when i m bad

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My name is Megan and when boyfriend spanks me to keep me in line. Read at own risk Mention of triggering stuff Boyfriend careful!

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This is the end It's been 4 years Readers, CriticsAll, I would just like to say thank you and hope ye enjoyed this jour As I walk through the street my house is on i wounder through the dark dodging the bins out for the next morning pick up.

I ask for a blowjob at the moon just wounding why it's so small but yet so big as well as so close but yet so far Anyway your probably wondering why I'm walking the streets at roughly two a.

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Well I have a good explanation Well I really don't But the sky and the night look amazing at night. But truth be told if my mom asked me to go out side at this hour last week I would flip and most likely think bad would need to go to a mad house, and spanked clarify my mother dose not know where I am.

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