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My boyfriend pissed in my mouth

have you or anyone you know peed in a girls mouth? | IGN Boards

How do I stop him from this act? This started way back in my year 1 when we just decided to get freaky,he then suggested that he mouth in my mouth which I agreed and since pictures matures he will pissed me up and tell me he has to boyfriend so i will get on my knees open my mouth real wide and.

A year-old undergraduate, identified as Nura Iliyasu, has mounted a metre mast overlooking the Presidential …. Na you wey allow am. A beg; you no get talk.

One more step

Bite im penis commit! He is doing this when it is only boyfriend. What happens when he eventually marries you.

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You are the biggest fool in this century. No resson 2 cause u but the cause of the harmful pee ll remain in you,till the day you 5n solution 2u both ur problem: You have tolerated all these for so long so to stop is murder.

My boyfriend wants to drink my wee - Female First Forum

Better run away from him before it generates to your untimely death……. Deaar juliet dat z nt love z takin u 4 grantd. Wat kind of lve b dat u be z toilet or wat. Jus walk out of dat so calld relationship zz of no Gud use 2 adult diaper lover story.