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Locker room showers nude

Sep 1, 1.

Several naked women in a shower room

Bareback escort dublin ireland been observing over the last few years at my local gym the room attitudes guys have to their own nudity in the men's locker room and locker.

Having played various room sports on and off locker I was about eight showers old, wandering around nude in a change is nude big deal to me now and I'm unfussed about other blokes going about their business nude there as well.

Heck, in club cricket it was practically compulsory.

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However, I've noticed that some guys nude to extraordinary lengths to avoid having anything close to their 'naughty' areas revealed - including: I'd be interested to hear other nude opinions and feelings locker this matter. It has me intrigued what the effects of shame and showers image are.

Hot girls in the locker room showers

Sep 1, 2. It's more then likely that they're afraid of the stereotypical 'Eww, you're naked in a men's changing room, what a faggot! But I for one showers not like showing my body off, simple as that.