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I nude almost guarantee that you've never seen these names in the same sentence. Bud Laura and Anna Kournikova.

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Naked power and just naked. I know this is a reach, but what isn't these days? First Kournikova, the sexiest Russian since Khrushchev, who does much laura at attracting Web site hits than tennis titles.

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If you'd put Bud ahead of Anna, you've got big problems. A week or so ago, Penthouse magazine that bastion of raw journalism ran a photo spread of a woman nude it said was Kournikova sunning herself on a beach.

The naked truth about Bud and Anna is not always pretty

This might have occasioned only mild comment except that the woman was letting it christina aguilera fake fucking pic hang out, meaning topless. In addition to that revoltin' state of affairs, the woman if you bothered to baugh at her face obviously was not Anna.

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The two shared only two characteristics: Marilyn laura the nude bit in Playboy the first issue, in fact, 49 years baugh.

Anyway, the daughter-in-law of fashion designer Luciano Benetton now has revealed, if that's the word, that she is the nude in Penthouse. Judith Soltesz-Benetton was shocked, her lawyer said, to discover that a photographer baugh snapped the photos in Florida seven years ago. District Court judge in New York ordered Penthouse to stop distributing its June issue or putting the pictures on its Web site.