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Latex math roman

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It changes the default shape of capital Greek letters to italic, sets up bold young smooth gay boy blogs and math bold italic math roman with Latin and Greek characters, and defines macros roman markup of vector, matrix and latex symbols.

In their style latex, e. The math rule is that symbols representing physical quantities or variables are italic, but symbols representing units, or labels, are roman.

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Symbols for vectors and matrices are bold italic, symbols for tensors are sans-serif bold italic. It can be combined with most packages for mathematical typesetting latex isomath-test. Both, Greek and Latin letters change shape if a different math alphabet is used. By default, these math alphabets use text fonts.

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Fonts in OT1 text font encoding have capital but not small Greek letters at the expected places, T1 encoded text fonts have no Greek letters at all. See the examples section on how to get upright small Greek letters in mathematical context. Isomath defines the new math alphabets:. The rmdefault and sfdefault math set the font family used roman these alphabets.

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