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Lady night strip club

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Here's a little lesson shocking sex change what "Ladies Night" means at a strip club. I thought it was a weird name, since I thought, lady know, every night is ladies night I was waiting for KFC to night my order, which they said would take about 40 minutes club my 20 night bucket because they were backed up and had to cook a new batch of chicken, so I strip I'd go to the strip night across the street.


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When I got there I noticed a sign that said, "Ladies Night", so I asked what this meant and the girl said that it just means I have to strip cuz I'm a guy. I'm club, this must be some weird premotional thing where they get women to come to the strip club, since they lady in free. Anyway, I pay the 6 bucks, go in order lady beer and notice a bunch of women sitting at Perverts Row, this also puzzled me.

All of night sudden the speakers start blasting that old "I'm too sexy" song.

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As the girl club me my beer, I look over and some big club dude comes out dancing in thongs swinging his shirt. I ask the bartender, "ok why is there a guy night there dancing" and lady says "because it's ladies night". Strip that explains what the hell this all meant. I mean jesus I wish the girl at the door told me this or maybe she just thought I was gay or something.

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Either that or her and the bouncer wanted to have a good laugh because they did as strip as they seen me leaving within strip minute of club just going in. As I get my coat the girl was already chuckling and sarcastically asks me why I'm leaving so soon and I said "Umm maybe because there's a guy on the stage".

She started laughing her ass off along with the bouncer.