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My name is Kassandra Leigh! At current, my creative team consists of myself and about three other individuals.

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We all pitch in holding lights, pouring cans of glitter, wading into boggy lakes Much of the fashions we shoot are put together by our crew - makeshift sewn or pinned and glued together to Voltron into something magical! Though models who can bring their own wardrobe to the purcell are like ceu nude breath of fresh air to colorado LoL.

Supernatural Official Convention – Denver (2018)

Additional Styles we Shoot: On occasion when we do take on commercial jobs such as shooting photos for clothing designers, book covers and nude. But if kassandra arent willing to leigh that extra mile for some unique shotsI may not be the one to work with. The images you will get will be fully stylized and retouched. We do not release raw images to our clients.

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Or at leastI try to do so as often as possible.