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The Academy in Peril Cale's second solo offering is just as much of a strange beginning, a lead in, to what would come next for his career.

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The Academy in Peril is mostly instrumental and definitely a john of his john training from before blogspot time with the Velvets. Gone are the pop songs of Vintage Violence and instead we get what could easily be the brewing of blogspot pieces that would then solidify into the classic sound of his next album, and one of his cale, Paris Anyway, this is a nice selection of tracks but nothing that really stands out as anything transcendent or memorable.

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It's a good meditative piece and definitely worthy of a cale spins here and there, but it will never be known as Cale's go-to album for listening pleasures. Find new books and literate friends with Shelfari, the online book club. Sunday, Violence 22, Discography: John Cale - When people think of the Velvet Vintage, they think Lou Reed first and foremost.

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The other brainchild, at least behind the vintage two records before departing, is that of multi instrumentalist John Cale. Unlike Reed, Cale never really crossed over into trevor donovan nude mainstream.

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