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Set-up; Jeff is sucking on a lollipop in the back, jeff original sarcasm It's been done, I know, but it's so delicious to do.

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He's making Adam horny. And Matty has a little secret for Addy. Vickie has sold him Edge's contract. Penis language and SEX!!

Penis of Matt Hardy - Penis Analyzer

Not about personal lives. Edge was married to Vickie.

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Anyway, Imma make some of your fave wrestlers, and mine, look like whores. Hardycest for the hell of it.

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P Maybe bondage and shit later on. I don't hardy them, dude.

Jeff Hardy

I'm just gonna borrow them and play with them for a bit ; I'll return them sticky and cum-stained, but otherwise in awesome condition. Adam walked calmly to the back. Passing the Seamstress', the medics, the locker rooms. His stomach was growling.