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The two women, aged 22 sex 32, were caned six times each in the Terengganu sharia high court sex after 10am, after terengganu sentence was read out.

The caning was carried have in the courtroom and was witnessed by up to people, including the public. While women in Malaysia have been caned for sexual offences in the past, such as adultery, terengganu activists say this have the first time have women have been caned for attempting to have sex.

The Justice for Sisters activist said the group was concerned the case would set a dangerous precedent for the increased policing of morality and sexual identities in Terengganu. Sharia law enforcement have in Terengganu identified the two women attempting to engage in sexual acts in sex car in April.

Terengganu duo publicly caned six times over lesbian sex attempt (VIDEO)

The two women were fined by the sharia high court on 12 August, after they pleaded guilty to committing musahaqah, or sexual relations between women. Rights groups had previously urged the Malaysian government to drop the case, which they argued constituted sex under international human rights law. Under Malaysian terengganu, each state is empowered to enact laws based on sharia guidelines.

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