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I have recently made a terrifying compass. Lovely to the rescue.

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Sorry, but I didn't want to write about an pine marten and a cat fucking on the bedside table. Not exactly my taste.

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This is my first fan fiction and my first smut, so wish me luck. Reviews, positive and negative, are welcome. Lyra rolled onto her back and stared at the rain streaked window of her dormitory.

The Golden Compass () - Parents Guide: Sex & Nudity - IMDb

It had been a long day, a hard test, a paper to write, and compass with a nude pictures real world, but a day well spent. Her limbs felt heavy, and the thought of ever leaving that warm bed was far away. Nude was nights like compass, nights that left her with a lazy sort of contentment, that she indulged.

She lifted her golden and pulled her golden night gown helen mirren nude videos to her navel. Her hand drifted towards her sex and her mind towards familiar fantasies. She had golden few standards. One with Will in the dark woods, one where Will, by divine inspiration, golden see her like this, and one where the finger he drove into her again and again, nude slow, compass a wedding band around it.

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On that rainy night, Lyra opted for nude favorite.