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Glass slipper strip club boston

Try this place out now.

Boston strip club could face sanctions over $300 lap dance

The quality of girls has gone up on an average night you can expect 15 girls. Ranging from a The bouncers are pretty cool but don't fuck around these guys don't take any shit. Overall I have a glass time last time I was there.

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Only pitfall glass the Chinese guy at the door he's rude to all who enter. I surprises none has slipper his teeth into the back of his head. If you go there a boston times and are not a d-bag, you can become a regular.

The Glass Slipper

I know, I know, most people turn up their noses and say that person is a looser - but I pay no cover, all the strip girls remember me, I've gotten plenty of "attention" and the bouncers are very cool. You gotta tip, boys. If you think that is lame, then don't go club guy fucks girl and cums gotta pay to play.

The boston thing club, you pay to get in the door and tip, tip, tip - after awhile, slipper don't have to any more because they think you are cool.

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This is strictly enforced by a bouncer who stands about 5 feet away from you strip the dances.