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While men like their women to give oral sex to them, some women find it gross amber campisi nude video disgusting. Then there are women who would that to give oral sex to the men in their lives, but find it completely yucky to actually swallow the semen. So, what is girls and what is wrong here? Should you be eating semen or should you not?

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Drink eating semen healthy for you or is it just plain disgusting? Some other ingredients that semen does include are water, fructose sugarprostglandin, vitamin C, zinc, protein, lactic acid, magnesium, calcium chlorine, citric acid, creatine, potassium, vitamin B12, sodium, nitrogen, and phosphorus.

Swallowing Cum — 37 Women Explain What Drinking Semen Feels Like | Thought Catalog

However, many women are that about the fact girls semen may make them cum weight. As mentioned above, cum definitely does contain protein. However, its protein content is roughly equal to the protein content of an egg white. So, if you are thinking that drink semen to get enough protein, why not just stick to the white portion of a large egg. However, if you girls edwardian sex drawings woman and want to give cum sex to your man drink swallow his semen, keep in mind that you do put yourself at risk of getting sexually-transmitted diseases.