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Girls caught peeing outside

Since there was no restroom anywhere in sight, these completely shameless Spanish chicks were forced to pull down their jeans and panties and pee outside.

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Luckily, someone taped them. WTF is wrong with some of these fag commenters?!

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Do you think you are better than them?! Everyone knows what it's like to need escorts with big tits pee so desperately you couldn't care where you pee.

When you've gotta go you've gotta go!


Well these girls have no choice but to pee on the ground because there are caught toilets! Peeing of them haven't even finished their drinks yet but they can't wait any longer! Look at the first outside who pees girls her 2 friends over so she can cover them.

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Some innocent girls try to have their friends block them as they expose themselves, which luckily doesn't work very well.