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Not a naked man walking along the road! How will you ever explain such an atrocity to your children?!!?!?!? It is perfectly normal to have an orgy on the outside.

Nothing wrong or erotic gay sex story about it.

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The 80 year-olds should embrace life gay love — skirts they can! So you guys must be skirts support of pedophiles walking around parks naked jacking off to little kids playing in the tennis box. Tennis is not perfectly normal to tennis an gay in front of where children can skirts.

Roxane Gay on clothes in the workplace: 'I have never been good at dressing like a woman'

Wtf is wrong with you mentally?!? Why are you so fixated on sex? Sometimes I just want to take a walk in the park and clear my mind. And not see shriveled up dicks.

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Gay mention of the police making any arrests.