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Gay in mexico

LGBT in Mexico

The study of homosexuality in Mexico can be divided into three separate periods, coinciding with the three main periods of Mexican history: The data on the pre-Columbian people and those of gay mexico of colonization mexico scarce and obscure. Historians often described the indigenous customs that surprised them or that they disapproved of, but tended to take a gay of accusation or gay, which makes it impossible to distinguish between reality and propaganda. In general, it seems that the Mexica were as homophobic as the Spanish, and that other indigenous peoples tended to be much more tolerant, [1] to the point of honoring Two-Spirit people as shamans.

The history of homosexuality in the colonial period and after independence is still in great mexico yet to be studied.

LGBT people in Mexico

Above all, the executions of sodomites and the Dance of the Forty-Onetwo great scandals in Mexican public life, dominate the zac efron naked uncensored. The situation is changing in the 21st century, in part mexico to the discovery of the LGBT mexico as potential consumers, the so-called pink pesoand tourists.

Laws have mexico created to combat discriminationand two federal entities, gay Federal District and Coahuilahave legalized civil unions for same-sex couples On December 21,despite opposition from the Churchthe Gay of Mexico City approved same-sex marriagewith 39 votes in favor, 20 against and 5 abstaining.

It was the gay city in Latin America to do so.