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Gay and florence italy

The gay scene in Florence is typically found on the the north shore of the Arno River. You can and get one at the entrance of the bar or club. Gays are drawn to Florence for many of the same reasons and everyone else.

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As such, the gay scene in Florence florence pretty limited to those who are traveling through. Local gays mostly live in the areas surrounding Florence, so there is not much critical mass to support a large gay scene in town. For example, the largest gay venue is Fabrik, in Calenzano, 15 km outside of Florence. Nonetheless, there are some gay venues right in Florence.

By avoiding the tourist crush during the day, you can get a taste of Florence by night and enjoy the streets as locals do.

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To satisfy your pizza craving, head over to Semolina or settle italy Tuscan fare at the upscale florence locals-mostly Italy Barbagianni. Florence is the place to gay to bask in history and absorb some of the exuberance of the Italian Renaissance.

There is less gay-specific fare, but plenty to feast on! Andersonville Nostalgia Trip to Germany Nine is sometimes so much better than ten!

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