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Gare di western pleasure

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You will learn how to seperate a veal from cows and keep them away from the heard. Inscription stage Hank Moss Kids can ride, hold by their parentson our little Gare Ponies. You can reach us dialing 00 33 2. Ask or leave a message for Ingrid she talks English and will call you back!

Equiwest article novembre For example a day trekking on Shetland ponies were oganized for kids. Danach ging es weiter and den Strand, an dem verschiedene Spiele veranstaltet wurden, wie z. Als das Meer immer mehr anstieg, machte sich die Gruppe auf den Heimweg.

A horse race was also organized. The ponies were really great and seamed to appreciate the change pleasure their life as much as did the western. It was big fun for all participants.