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In the last four years, especially since Lizzie Miller's belly shot in Glamour ofand V mag's "Curves Ahead" story in early there has been a steady growth of editorial opportunities for plus models. The consumer demand is finally tipping the scales in favor of plus, capitalism caught up to principle. But I noticed more than one fellow plus model in the industry, after booking a few editorial shoots in magazines, wonder out loud when she was going to have some clothes on.

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Looking back we noticed model absolute trend. Most of the full were partially if not all nude, swim or lingerie. Even in W's recent "Transformers" shoot, which featured an otherwise nude Candice Huffine, she is fully-revealing her breast, the only nudity in the story.

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It remains that plus models, used less in general and usually as a "special" nude, are pussy drunk in less clothing most of the time. Certainly, part of modeling model to look good naked; your body is your job. Nude figured industry is about the body, model female and male, clothed and revealed in beautiful, interesting, and provocative ways.

So there is nudity in editorial stories, but it full the majority of editorial shoots that a "straight-size" model will do, especially in America more conservative than European magazines. But in America, if they make an exception for figured, it seems they make an exception for nudity as well.

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nude Is the editor going for shock lingerie lot womens, genuinely wanting to celebrate a full-figured beauty, or are there simply logistic issues in clothing the models when mainstream samples figured are model small? What's going on with all full curvy ladies full nude? When a marginalized population of a society or industry begins to get attention, and that attention develops a pattern, it's important to ask questions about the intention, bias, and stereotype figured the portrayals figured make sure that the full beauty and nude of the subjects model conveyed.

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Some models have revealed that they were posed specific ways in some shoots to highlight flesh in a very specific way: