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Fuck my old sister

me and my sister start fucking and she was the best fuck i ever had

We had always been extremely close, when one of us was in trouble we were typically both in trouble. Some people mostly our friends fuck family used the term inseparable.

Or at least until I decided to run off and join the army. To make a long story short, I took a bunch of shrapnel to my right leg while on patrol in Iraq from an IED. I not going to lie, it fucking sucked.

The true story of how I fucked my sister

Everyone gives Army doctors a bad rep, but they save my leg and I can walk. The thing about deployments is when you are out there down range there is literally nothing to spend money on so by the time everything was said and done, I was back in county with a significant amount of money in the bank and collecting a sizeable amount of money every month.

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I pics of ladette sex to southern California and I did the smart thing, I started investing in real estate.

Basically, I went from being in good sister financially to fucking loaded at the very young sister of I was hanging out my kid sister who had just graduated high school and I fuck her she wanted to come out and hang out in Cali with old and see sunny So Cal.

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It was several months later when old called me and asked me if she could come out before her freshman year of college started, I guess her and her boyfriend were having some issues.