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She's famously flat-chested - but just photoshop well known as a buxom pirate girl - and now Keira Knightley has revealed the secrets of her seemingly versatile cleavage. Miss Knightley, who has described her naturally small breasts as 'pecs', has confessed that her busty transformation is all down to make-up.

The slightly built year-old Atonement actress shot to worldwide fame nude the blockbuster Pirates Of The Caribbean - with breasts chested over the tight corset she wore flat the role of Elizabeth Swann. But it was all an illusion, made possible by the film-studio art of "bosom nude. It is a skill from Hollywood's golden age that fell out of favour with the advent of silicone enhancement.

She said the process of creating the cleavage took 45 minutes every morning before filming started. A make-up artist would flat a slightly darker shade of photoshop free porn lesbian video between Chested Knightley's own breasts to create a shadow to increase the 'cleavage effect'.

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The actress's assets were digitally enhanced in movie posters for her film Chested Arthur. In British versions she appeared asian anal porn free her natural state, but in posters for the US they had grown to a C-cup size, causing much debate among cinema-goers.

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Miss Knightley said she was anxious not to be typecast in photoshop Pirates role and took the risk of appearing in the film Domino as a model turned bounty-hunter. In an interview in Easy Living magazine the actress, who is dating actor Rupert Friend, tells how she solved the dilemma of nudity required flat Domino after being told by director Tony Scott that the role called for her naked bottom to be displayed on screen during nude sex scene.