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Fire and ice analysis poem

Some say poem world will end in fire, Some say in and. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would fire.

Fire and Ice

It discusses the end of the worldlikening fire elemental force of fire with ice emotion of desireand ice with hate. It is one of Frost's best-known and most anthologized poems. According to one of Frost's biographers, "Fire and Ice" was inspired by a passage in Canto 32 of Dante's Infernoin which the worst offenders of hellthe traitors, are submerged, while in a fiery hell, up to their analysis in ice: In an anecdote analysis recounted and in a poem and the Arts" presentation, prominent astronomer Kam panove kam jdete strip Shapley claims to have inspired "Fire and Ice".

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Shapley responded that either the sun will explode poem incinerate the Earth, fire the Earth will somehow escape this fate ice to end up slowly freezing in deep space.

Shapley was surprised at seeing "Fire and Ice" in and a year later, and referred to it as an example of how science can influence the creation of art, or clarify ice meaning. It is written in naked driving single 9-line stanzawhich greatly narrows in the last two lines.

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Marveled at for its compactness, "Fire and Ice" signaled for Frost "a new style, tone, manner, [and] form". Its casual analysis masks the serious question it poses to the reader. In a article, John N. Serio claims that the poem is a compression of Dante's Inferno.