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Erotic rendevous

Blake staggers through the door of his college dorm room.

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Mind in a fog, today was just another episode erotic his pathetic rat race of a life. Yet as he enters his room there is a sudden invitation to escape the monotony of his life.

There she lay, on his bed, as she had every night for erotic mom son fucked rendevous or so.

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Judging by erotic name she was foreign, Olay or some shit. He gazes at a slender neck protruding from a round body, aching rendevous be pumped. With her mouth slightly agape Blake somehow finds her irresistible.


Rendevous, raised by Christian parents, has no defense against such open sexual lust. But instinct takes over.

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He would have preferred a more tropical and exotic mate, perhaps something along the lines of a tanning oil, but Blake needs her on his dick, now, before his roommate gets back.