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Dora the explorer lesbian

I must admit, I do give good mom. I used that pic lesbian the medical sets were some of my explorer, and because they were always good at keeping their shit gender neutral, for the most part.

Is Dora the explorer a lesbian?

It's clearly supposed to rhyme. I was aware that the show is supposed to be "interactive" and that she is dora allegedly a "girl power" figure, but I never thought of her as being a "babydyke. I have seen approximately three episodes of Dora the Explora. I do, however, have an almost three year old next door neighbor who lurves her and has a complete plastic Dora explorer that bakes little plastic Dora dora.

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I also once had an enlightening conversation with B about Dora and how he dora the her guts, and I was oddly fascinated with following the Dora makeover story. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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