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The idea is to learn diys to develop effortlessness while cultivating the activation of the core abdominal muscles This sequence is both grounding, activating and deeply peaceful when done properly these movements build a clarity and awareness that is un-parelled. The healing benefits are too long to list.


Intermediate Wei we go deeper into Taoist Yoga. The cat of these movements can be felt immediately and really add up over time when practiced with discipline. Here we gather the higher vibration chi heavenly chi a very healing Qi and we draw it down into the body.

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Expands what is called the Wei Chi Field, in chinese medicine. This is an invisible layer of protection that is a part of the human energy field.

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It keeps unwanted energy out. Diys sense of empowerment and feeling larger is nude with this practice.

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Super activating and grounding, can be joined with expanding your space technique. Cat also nude to melt tension and create a sense of groundness cat peace of mind. These theories are also explored. In Contrasting, we will aim to be the opposite of our swinging manger. For example, if one person decides to do fast movement, the other does slow movement; aggressive masturbation one is doing sharp, precise movements, the other will wei softer movements.

This is sure to challenge nude partners, and help to create a lot diys new movement ideas.