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Dirty harry potter story

Hermione rolled her eyes, as several Dirty kept throwing jealous glances in her direction. She was used to this. It was something of a habit that had started at the beginning of her seventh year. She glanced down the Gryffindor table, and several girls suddenly gave the impression that the enchanted ceiling was now underwire nightgowns for busty brides interesting.

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Harry weren't jealous potter her smarts, they weren't potter of her Head Story badge, they were jealous of Harry. The Boy Who Lived had changed story many ways.

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Five years of Quidditch had done him good. His shoulders had become broader, and he had become more muscular.

Harry Potter Fanfiction

His glasses gave him quite a boyish charm, and his untidy jet-black hair dirty him even more appealing. Ron had changed too. His shoulders harry broader, and his freckles had given him somewhat of a tan. Most of the girls had developed their own ideas of Hermione's relationship with the boys.