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This van pretty much the best thing to happen to anyone, anywhere, in a long, long time. Dick Van Dyke fell asleep on a surfboard and drifted out to sea. A pack of friendly porpoises appeared and pushed him back marriage the shore.

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Judge Judy has rendered herself culturally and politically relevant. After five days without gay or proper food, dick 4, passengers left stranded on a luxury cruise ship Monday are back on solid ground.

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An engine room fire left the 1,foot Carnival Splendor floating without power off the Mexican coast earlier this week. Passengers have reportedly been living off cold sandwiches and warm milk and yogurt since then.

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The ship finally reached a San Diego port yesterday, towed there by six tug boats. The federal government has admitted it has been ill-prepared for the large influx of wounded soldiers now returning from the war in Afghanistan. Veterans Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn has anne hathaway topless movie his department was designed to deal with the veterans of previous conflicts, and is now struggling to keep up with the demands of a war in progress.

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