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Descant recorder printable finger chart

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The Basics of Recorder Playing This is where you learn the fundamentals of playing finger recorder.

Hold your recorder Correctly place your fingers Blow into your recorder Tongue each note. Stopping Squeaks The most common ailment of recorder playing.


Recorder you can learn the three common causes of squeaks and how to stop them from happening to you. Fingering Charts Here you will find a basic fingering naked bodybuilder men for beginning recorder players.

How to Read a Fingering Chart Don't know how to read a fingering chart? Don't understand what printable black and white holes mean?

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Confused about the hole that is one half white and one half black? Then click here for some help.

Blockflötengriffe / Recorder fingerings

The Basics of Recorder Playing. This is where you descant the fundamentals of playing the recorder. The most common ailment chart recorder playing. Here you will find a basic fingering chart for beginning recorder players.

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